WORKED Benelux QRP Award

  • The claimed QSO’s must been made after January 1983.
  • Work or hear 10 members of the Benelux QRP-Club. A contact with the stations PA35BQC, PI4BQC or PI4ØBQC counts for two BQC-members.
  • The claimed BQC-QSO’s had to cover two BeNeLux- or EU-countries.
  • At least one member of the Benelux QRP Club has to live in a second BeNeLux- of EU-country (obligatory). But holiday-QSO’s, i.e. LX/PE1FJN, are also valid as a member out of a second BeNeLux-country.
  • The QSO’s must be made with two way QRP-output power.
  • QRP is 5 watt output in CW and 10 watt PEP in SSB. The whole contact, including calls to establish communication, must be made with power not exceeding 5 watt output in CW (10 watt PEP in SSB) on both stations.
  • The fee for the Benelux QRP-Club award is € 3.00 or $ 3.00. No IRC’s.
  • No restriction in amateur bands or mode.
  • All QSL-cards, as claimed, must be on hand.
  • A GCR-list will be accepted as satisfactory proof of confirmed QSO’s and the QSL’s on hand, as claimed by the applicant, if the list signed by two fellow amateur radio operators.


The GCR-list has to show, at least, Call, Date and Time, Frequency or Band, Mode and Power, Name and QTH or Locator and BQC-member number.

Award manager: .

For free (no fee) award: please send GCR-list, signed by two fellow amateur radio operators, to the award manager via e-mail . The award will be sent to applicant as a pdf-file.