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To promote QRP activity, there will be a weekly EU QRP FOXHUNT, starting on November 3, 2013 (Zondag) and ending on March 24, 2014 (Maandag). The EU QRP Foxhunt is an informal event. It should be considered a friendly meeting amongst QRP enthusiasts. The rule is that there are few rules.

Up To Date Information also can be found on: EU-FOXHUNT



There are three categories of participating stations:

  1. Foxes: QRP stations calling “CQ EUFOX” on any unannounced, unoccupied frequency within defined frequency segments and time windows
  2. Hunters: stations initiating QSOs with Foxes, preferably running QRP power
  3. Trappers : listeners reporting QSOs between Foxes and Hunters online


Foxes aim to work as many calling Hunters as possible, without falling into a rush job.

Binding rules:

  • Foxes must run QRP power (5 W CW, 10 W PEP)
  • Fox-to-Fox QSOs are invalid


  • Foxes call “CQ EUFOX”.
  • Foxes operate within the specified EU QRP Foxhunt frequency segments and time windows (see “Times, modes, frequencies” hereafter).
  • Mixed modes per Foxhunt are allowed. Mixed bands are allowed for Sunday’s Foxhunts.
  • Foxes announce their operation at least 24 hours prior to the start of each Foxhunt by completing the Fox entry form on the EU QRP Foxhunt website.
  • One form per operating band is required.
  • Foxes enter their logs of valid QSOs onto the EU QRP Foxhunt website not later than 48 hours after the Foxhunt ending time.


Hunters, preferably running low power, search and work as many Foxes as possible. The EU QRP Foxhunt is quite different from a regular 599-style contest. Hunters are invited to exchange (at least) a real report, name and QTH, transmit power, rig and antenna description.


Trappers search and log as many QSOs as possible between Foxes and Hunters. Each log entry (“trap”) must contain: date, UTC time, band, Fox call sign, Fox RST at the Trapper’s RX, Hunter call sign, Hunter RST at the Trapper’s RX. Trappers -once registered- enter their logs via the EU QRP Foxhunt website not later than 48 hours after the Foxhunt ending time.


Weekly on Sunday 09:30-10:30 UTC on 2 bands simultaneously

  • CW 10110-10120 kHz || 14050-14060 kHz
  • PSK 10140-10150 kHz || 14070-14089 kHz
  • SSB 14280-14290 kHz

Weekly on Monday 19:30-20:30 UTC

  • CW 3560-3580 kHz
  • PSK 3580-3600 kHz
  • SSB 3680-3700 kHz


  • Each valid QSO counts for 1 point
  • At the end of each month, a temporary ‘TOP 3 Hunters/Trappers/Foxes List’ will be published on the EU QRP Foxhunt website.
  • At the end of the Foxhunt season, each Hunter/Fox/Trapper scoring at least 2 points will be presented a personal, online certificate.

7. QRS

The beginning CW operator in mind, during each Foxhunt, one or more Foxes will be operational, transmitting at 12 wpm average speed.


Several foxhunt sessions may be devoted to a particular theme, such as:

  • CW Straight Key Party (no automatic keying)
  • QRPp Party (output power 1 W max.)
  • Homebrew Party (homemade tx/rx) Voor onze bouwers!
  • Enigma Party
  • 1929 Special Party
  • Army/Green Radio Party
  • Sprint party (QSY after each QSO)
  • Portable party

“Parties” will be announced by the management team at least one week ahead via the website and the euqrpfox mailing list. Please note these themes (using a handkey, homebrew rig, etc) are not binding, nor do they affect in any way scoring. They are merely meant to add to the fun of the weekly Foxhunts. In fact, the management team would like to receive suggestions for additional themes.



The Summer-Special-Foxhunt Starting: first Sunday after Field day (Region 1) June 9th 2013 and ends on August 30th 2013. The same rules apply, except:

No competition whatsoever involved;
Foxes and Trappers must register only once;
participating call signs will regularly be broadcasted through the euqrpfox mailing list.

Good luck to all participants and, most of all, have a lot of fun!

73, Jos ON6WJ